Small Paintings £60 – £500

Larger Paintings £600 – £1200


Dear friends,

I hope you are well!  Thank you for all the support over the past few years.

I’m excited to be taking on a larger studio in Camberwell London this Autumn, and am holding a sale of paintings to help fund the space!

Much of the work I painted with the Royal Drawing School in Pignano, Italy, and there are several landscapes and small paintings from Brighton and Hampshire that need a good home.

I’m able to keep the prices much lower as this is not through a gallery, and so no commission is added.  This is a private page not linked to the rest of the website, and shared only with friends and patrons – if you are interested, please email me at .

Sales from these will help support my studio move to Camberwell.  I’d be delighted if you wanted to come by for a coffee when set up on September

All the Best!


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